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Administrative issues run the gamut. From the seemingly trivial HR matters to marketing your practice and more. Add to the list of staying on top of your business' financial health, and it soon becomes tempting to just stay focused on exceptional patient care. In today's, competitive market, that's a death knell. 


Genesis can assist small practices with some of the most mundane tasks, such as employee handbook creation and general HR policy and procedure development. We have a keen eye towards compliance issues that could negatively impact your practice, such as properly documenting pre-tax compensation, wrap policies and more. 


For larger practices, we can provide audit assistance and more. Our experienced HR professionals are here to help.

Oh yeah, and of course we can find the appropriate health insurance for your practice/facility needs. 


Overseeing the smooth operation of a service-based business can be too challenging for many small to medium sized practices. Genesis can assist with everything from payroll, bookkeeping, and tax preparation to operational oversight including financial statement preparation and anaylsyis.

Human Resources

Staying abreast of HR rules and regulations is a daunting task. Let us work with you to prepare employee handbooks, implement policies and procedures and oversee your benefits package.  Considering outsourcing HR in part or whole?  We can assist you in making that determination.

Patient Relationship Management

Assisting your practice with maintaining a positive patient reputation and image rests largely on clear, precise financial communications. It begins with the first client interaction and doesn't always end with a billing statement. We provide patient advocates for your practice, skilled in patient financial communications. We can also assist getting your organization recognized via HFMA's Financial Communications Adopter Recognition Program. 

Brand Managment

Your Brand is where it all begins. It's the promise you make to your customer about your service offering. Many practices do not understand the importance of building and living out a brand presence. It should precede marketing efforts and can mean the difference in flat growth or a steady stream of patient and colleague referrals. It's more than just a fancy logo and tagline. In order for it to stick - your staff need to buy into your brand. This is what sets us apart - we love to build interoffice brand buy-in. Schedule an appointment with us today to discuss your brand wishes!

"Creativity is piercing the mundane to find the marvelous"

Bill Moyers

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