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We're Reinventing Revenue Management

Most providers and billing vendors follow the same revenue generation cycle rules dictated by payers. Why follow the rules of someone who benefits by paying you less? Genesis recreates that revenue generation cycle around federal and state laws. Whether you want to revamp your entire revenue stream or just add a new dynamic to increasing your revenue, Genesis has a solution for you.

Virtual Scribe

Let Genesis Medical take the clerical burden off your shoulders! Our scribes capture the physician - patient encounter in your EHR system. Reduced documentation can lead to increased productivity. 

AR - Appeals

AR is our bread and butter. Coupled with Denial Management it is the focal point of RCM and it's what sets us apart. With a proper triage of claims, we can successfully address payer redeterminations and ERISA/PPACA appeals. 

Payment Posting

Payment Posting requires a focus on detail and the expertise to navigate a variety of EHR/PM Systems with ease. Our teams perform 100% audits on newly transitioned clients with built-in SLA metrics that ensure quality, accuracy, and TAT. 


We offer a team of highly talented CPC/HCC coding expertise. Our SLA's have built-in quality metrics that hold our teams accountable to an accuracy rate of 95% and higher.

Our Patient Advocate collects proper plan

documents and upfront deductibles if needed. As a patient advocate, they have been trained in financial accounting and approach their job on behalf of the provider and patients interest. This is perhaps the most critical role in the claims process

Payer Redetermination or ERISA/PPACA/State Law?


Not that we are about to give away our trade secrets but this is where 90 plus percent of billing companies get it wrong. For example, if it's a service rendered under an on-call ER situation, we ascertain state law vs. federal. Also, while PPACA wraps its' arms around all types of policies, utilizing certain appeal functions depends on the type of policy. The patient ID card could read United or BCBS but is it self-funded or fully-funded? Is there an HRA in place?  Since we have already triaged the claim by type and risk, we are more successful at denial management!


Here is where our technology pays off!

Our clinical claim scrubbers catch errors 

prior to arriving at the payer's portal. 

Pretty nifty. It's an investment many billing

companies refuse. Would you know?  

If you want reports we've got them!  Over 200 to be exact. 

ERISA Appeal Expertise - It's our signature offer

Our focus is on optimizing payer reimbursements by overturning the most challenging claim denials and underpayments. Most providers and billing vendors only utilize the procedures and rules created by health insurers to appeal claims. Genesis utilizes federal and state laws to appeal denied and underpaid claims. In addition, Genesis knows how to overturn inappropriate claim denials by diligently reviewing the situation and launching detailed appeals which force payers to adhere to the law and coverage terms. We also recognize when and how to engage the plan participant or beneficiary and most importantly the plan sponsor.

We're Glad You Asked!

Physician Credentialing

Individual and group NPI, Commercial, Medicare, Medicaid and Hospital Priveledges.

Scheduling and More

We can assist with patient scheduling, appointment reminders, and patient statments.

Dashboard Features

Sure thing we can do that. We've got you covered!

Never miss out on the big picture concerning your practice. Our dashboard feature allows you to stay focused on the metrics you care about.

Make the move knowing that you'll be assigned a Practice Advocate. It's about more than just holding hands, it's about paying attention to detail, accountability, a friendly approach and a warm cup of coffee.

Because We Care

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